Grooming Adventures
Hello! I am new to tumbler & stumbled across your blog. (: I love it & love looking at your work! I will soon be going to grooming school (I am just a bather right now) I am excited & nervous at the same time. Lol. I was wondering if you have any tips to share & what do you think are the best & need to have tools? Thank you!

Hey! Glad to hear you’re attending grooming school! (i’m just curious, what school are you attending?) Some tips: always think outside the box. School will teach you basics of what you need to know but look to online forums and facebook groups focused on grooming and educate yourself outside the classroom. Attend seminars, grooming shows (such as Atlanta Pet Fair coming up in March), and dog shows. Try new things! Know your breeds, even the non-akc breeds and “designer breeds.” Brands i recommend: ANDIS don’t use any other clipper or blades but Andis (also don’t forget to clean your blades weekly to keep them at optimum performance). Also use battery powered dremel, but don’t forget to charge it! When it comes to shears, that’s a tough one. It’s better to “feel” what shears are best for you. Shears come in a wide range of shapes, lengths, and styles (but always have at least one straight, one curve, and one thinning). If you ever get a chance to attend a grooming trade show (such as atlanta pet fair) ask vendors to let you handle their shears and feel which is best for you (like some people do better with a long shank, while others feel more comfortable with a short shank). Also….i know it’s weird….but the cheap little store brand slicker brushes at petsmart are my favorite out of all the slickers I’ve tried! One more thing….Furminator brushes = not that great. There’s better ways to get undercoat out. I hate furminator brushes, more likely to harm the dog with brush burn than do any good with de-shedding. I prefer the rubber zoomgroom brush, to me it works better and does the same thing that the furminator brushes claim to do. 

Good luck in school! Keep me updated on your studies and if you have anymore questions or concerns, I’m Here! :)

Did you go to grooming school?

Yes I did :)

Do you bathe your groom dogs?

Yes. I bathe all my dogs. We don’t have a bather (but I used to be the bather about a year ago…then i upgraded lol)

Couple of dogs I groomed this week. 

This is Chester, the Welsh Terrier I groomed today. He’s such a handsome and super sweet boy.

After he went home, the owner called our office and told the receptionist that Chester has never been groomed this well before! He’s never looked better!! She said I did an excellent job!! 

Her compliment made my day…no, it made my week! The past week has been so busy and so rough and I’ve been feeling so down lately. What Chester’s mom said just made me so very happy! I needed that so badly! :)

greetings from a former bather/kennel technician from SC! wonderful blog :D

Hi There!!! Thank you!! *hug* ^_^

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Also, how did you go about doing that? Did you clip with the grain or against?

I clipped with the grain to get the initial pattern. then against to make it tight.

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How much time did this take?

I think about 30 minutes…more or less…

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Oh my gosh did all that cost a fortune!!

yeah….I saved up all my tips from grooming at work and also half of my tax return. Totally Worth It!!! :)

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I hope that I get that good one of these days!

You will! Don’t worry! Practice, Practice, Practice! ^_^

So, at the Atlanta Pet Fair, I got this super tiny clipper cuz I wanted to try shaving a design into my dog’s back. 

So I finally got around to it today. And here’s the result! A “Shaved Tattoo!!” Looks pretty neat!!!! I’m pretty happy about it being that it was my first try. I may see if I can get this as an added service where I work. (it’ll be an expensive service though cuz time-consuming)

I told you I’d do it one day and here it is…… a Before and After picture of my Mini Schnauzer, Sasha!

Three dogs I groomed that I did not get a before pic of. The two at the bottom are regulars that come in every 2-4 weeks. The pomeranian at the top had a full coat and the owner wanted a lion cut. :)

Before and After of two Pekingese I groomed the other day. I do love pekingese ^_^

And….another Goldendoodle done in the loose dropcoat style :) 

It’s a hit! :)